When Skies Fall

Session 1: New Years Day

The new year starts sombrely in Gate Pass as a group of able bodied adventurers assemble for the first time with a resistance fighter named Torrent. They soon learn their goal is to help Torrent retrieve some vital information and get it to Lyceum to help the Resistance mount a counter-offensive against the Ragesian army. They did not get far in their task, though. As they laid their plans, the Black Horse Bounty Hunters broke into the darkened bar in order to apprehend them even as a fire bombing started throughout the city. The adventurers were able to fight off the bounty hunters, but the bar was destroyed in the process.

After this, all hell broke loose in the city as the adventurers headed to the depository to meet a gnome named Rivereye Badgerface. On their way there, the kind adventurers helped several distressed citizens who were caught in the chaos of the Ragesian attack. At one point, the adventurers also succumbed to the panic, but eventually recovered and moved on. After helping retrieve a hungry pet weasel for a merchant, the adventurers finally made it to the depository. Inside, they were greeted by what they later found out was an imposter gnome that eventually got away thanks in part by its accomplice, a Wisp Solon. After a bit of confusion, they eventually got to talk to the real Rivereye who revealed that the case with valuable information for the Resistance has been stolen by some Shalahesti eladrin and taken to Gabal’s school.

It is late in the day by this time and Rivereye suggests to start early the next day. He knows of a safe place at an Aqualine Cross temple for them to stay where they can meet up with the Resistance. On the way there, the adventurers encountered for the first time a Ragesian soldier who had crashed from the sky in a battle with a Gate Pass wyvern rider. The adventurers fought bravely against him, but sadly, Rhys was brutally murdered by the soldier before he could be taken down. After the grave loss, they eventually made it to the temple where they give Rhys to the priests to administer his last rites and to finally meet up with the Resistance.

Tune in next time (same time and place) as the adventurers continue their search for the stolen information.

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